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Suffield High School Community:

The Program of Studies provides the courses offered at Suffield High School, along with their descriptions.  Students should discuss their plans with parents, teachers, and counselors in order to make informed decisions based on personal interests, abilities, school requirements for graduation, and most importantly, goals for the future.  Choosing the right courses will help fulfill the school’s mission of making every student college and career ready.

Our advice to students is to know what is available to them, plan with interests and goals clearly in mind, and commit to working hard to achieve those goals.  We have many programs available and our teachers, counselors, and administrators are here to help students make the right choices.  However, students are the ones who must work hard to earn their diploma, and prepare for the future.  

 Our staff recognizes the role they play in helping your children reach their full potential, and they do not take the responsibility lightly. We truly believe all students can be successful, and this belief drives the work they do on a daily basis. Parent involvement is vital to student success, and we ask that you continue to play an active role in their education.

General Information

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