School Counseling

Phone: 860-668-3813  |  Fax: 860-668-3793
Mr. Patrick Brintle
9-12 Coordinator of School Counseling
Ms. Gina Garfield


Counseling services at Suffield High School are based on the understanding that each student is a unique and developing individual who will learn and grow from his/her high school experience. Respectful of individual differences, counselors seek to assist and support students in making their own decisions for the present and the future. In addition to serving as a resource for educational and career information, the counselor seeks to promote an atmosphere of trust and confidence between counselor and student. The counseling office exists to help students maximize their potential, take appropriately challenging courses to complete all graduation requirements, and prepare students for post secondary opportunities.

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Confidentiality Statement

Information shared by a student with his/her counselor is private and confidential. The counseling office staff has an excellent reputation for maintaining confidentiality. Of course, in a situation where a student is in "clear and imminent danger," or in cases of child abuse or neglect, counselors are mandated to share that information.

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